Silverspace x Be Seen Project


Be Seen Project are a pro bono creative agency, with a focus in the Visual Arts – Photography, Videography, Styling – that provides professional level services to young people that identify within a minority group, for free.

Who BSP target:

BSP work with and prioritise those that identify with any of the following minority groups, however this is not an exhaustive list:

  • By ethnicity (Black, Asian, South American)


  • Physical & Learning Disabilities


Applicants between the ages of 18-25 will get priority, however age range is not a cut-off point. We will look at each application on a

case-by-case basis and proceed accordingly.

The aim is to give those so often overlooked, a platform to develop and progress.

Who BSP are:

BSP are currently a team of 12 volunteers, all with experience in some capacity within the visual arts. Within these teams are industry leading experts and creative professionals that have a gained acclaim and success in their chosen field. This allows us to put successful applicants in touch with those that can really help to bolster and their own career.

The team compromises professional stylists, photographers, videographers and creative directors. Individually they have worked with Gucci, Selfridges, Burna Boy, No Signall etc.

What BSP offer:

The core services that BSP offer, free of charge, are the following:

  • Professional Photographer

  • Professional Videographer

  • Stylist

  • Creative Consultation

*Discounted Studio Space Future Work:

Workshops about the industry led by mentors or industry specialists. Experience/Shadow days for young people to work on the job with someone in the team. Video docu-series tracking applicants progress throughout their time with us/their career

Contacting BSP: