When you book with us your hire comes with the listed equipment included.

Send us an email of what you would like to use & we'll aim to have it all ready for you on the day. 

Equipment is offered to customers on a first come first serve basis

Our Equipment.​

Continuous Lights

  • Neweer 660 LED Video Panel x 2

  • Kino Flo Diva Lite 401

Flash Heads​

  • Profoto D1 Air 500 x 2 (Included with Studio A)

  • Profoto D2 Air 500 x 2 (Included with Studio B)


  • Profoto Air Canon TTL Radio Trigger  (For use with D2 Air)

  • Pocket Wizard Plus III Trigger/Receiver

  • Calumet Universal Trigger/Receiver 

  • Pulsar Universal Trigger/Receiver


  • Calumet Illuma Soft Box Large  x 3

  • Profoto 27"  Beauty Dish with grid

  • Profoto 22"  Beauty Dish 

  • Profoto Softlight 20.5" Beauty Dish White 65º 

  • Profoto Honeycomb 25° grid

  • Flash Sync Cable (1m) x 3

  • 4x8 white & black polyboard x 6

  • Polyboard holders x 4

Stands & Grip

  • Calumet 40" Double Riser C-Stand x 1 

  • Calumet 20" Double Riser C-Stand x 1

  • Neweer 40" Double Riser C-Stand x 4

  • C-Stand Boom Arm + Grip x 3

  • Sandbags x 16

  • Metal Clamps x 10

  • 2 Step Ladder x 1

On site Rental Equipment


HMI 2.5k Strand Sirio 2 with silent ballast 


The Strand Sirio 2 - 2.5k HMI is an excellent light source for your needs. Either if you are tying to replicate the sun effect or anything else that you might need from a powerful source. This item comes with the 2.5k head and a silent magnetic ballast perfect for when audio is being captured


On site studio hire £50 per day + VAT

Off site location hire £70 per day + VAT

Need More Equipment?

pro lighting london.jpeg

We've got you covered by partnering with the amazing folks over at ProLighting London to offer you an even more extensive equipment selection to choose from & the cool thing is when you book through Silverspace Studios you get to take advantage of our partnership discount saving you £££.

What's not to love about getting the best for less? follow the 3 easy steps below

Step 1. Take a look at the ProLighting London Price list

Step 2. Email us your equipment list 


Step 3. We'll get it all booked in for you & your equipment

will be ready & waiting for you on shoot day.